3 Ingredient Pancake Recipe - BLW & Toddler Friendly

Here's a tried and tested simple to make pancake recipe you can whip up in no time at all - they are so easy to make that even your little one can give it a go!

Using only 3 ingredients that you'll likely already have in your kitchen;

1 Large Egg

190ml Milk

120g Self Raising Flour

Method: Makes 12 pancakes

Simply combine all ingredients in a bowl with a whisk until you have a smooth runny mixture.

Drop 2 spoons of batter on to a hot non stick frying pan, wait for bubbles to begin to appear and then flip. Continue cooking until light golden brown.

You can of course add additional ingredients if you wish, we sometimes as mixed spice. Serve with cut up fruit like strawberry's or bananas. You're little one can be preparing the fruit topping whilst you get your flip on!

These simple fuss free pancakes can be used for baby-led weaning and they get a big thumbs up from my 14 year old too so they are perfect for the whole family.


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