Cloth Nappy Boosters

All about boosters - Written by Lauren Somers

Boosters are similar to nappy inserts however, the idea behind them is they “boost”/increase the absorbency of your nappies. They’re great if you have a heavy wetter, long car journey, baby wearing etc

Boosters can also be used in night time nappies, with the right combination of boosting an overnight nappy can last 12+hrs. This means you don’t need to disturb little ones sleep in order to change them.

No two boosters are the same.
There are made from different materials which are generally; microfibre, cotton, bamboo and hemp and you can layer different combinations of materials to get the best for your nappy needs

🌎Microfibre - They’re great for quickly soaking away wee, great for those flood wee’s however they aren’t very absorbent and you can’t put them directly against babies skin unless they have a suitable liner on top.

🌎Hemp - Hemp is a natural fibre that when used as an insert is incredibly absorbent, trim and naturally antimicrobial. Hemp inserts hold about 2.5x more fluid than microfibre. They are a great night solution. Hemp will get softer and more absorbent the more it is washed it tends to need a good 6-8 washes to reach maximum absorbency.

🌎Bamboo - Bamboo is a highly absorbent fibre and inserts remain soft wash after wash. It still need a good few washes to reach maximum absorbency. You also find some inserts are a mix of bamboo and hemp.

🌎Cotton - similar to bamboo in both absorbency and drying time. The inserts tend to be thinner and can usually be tumble dried

🌎Trifolds - These are my personal favourite, they’re made from a variety of the above materials I mentioned. We use hemp and bamboo. It’s a booster in three sections, when folded together it provides you with 6 layers of fabric meaning it’s fantastic for absorbency! They’re my go to inserts for stuffing into our pocket nappies.

Boosters can be popped into a pocket opening, laid on top or slotted underneath / in between the layers of your nappy.

If you are getting leaks with your current nappy, I definitely recommend trying out adding a booster first to see if this will help stop the leaks before going on to replace your nappies with a whole new nappy system / set up.

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