Out And About With Reusables

Written by Charlotte @charlotte_and_her_crew
If you are anything like me, the thought of going 'Out and About' with reusable nappies, especially after not being out and about at all during the Lockdowns, was pretty daunting. But in all honesty, it's really as simple or as difficult as you make it.
Obviously, a lot of this is dependant on where you are going, child/ren's age, weather, duration of trip etc, but here is what has worked for us as essentials:

 (For an average day out)

• Usual number of nappies you'd use for the duration,  plus one or two extra, 

• Wipes & container,

• Portable changing mat,

• Wet Bags - we prefer two separate small ones, though 'double' bags with two zip compartments work just as well.

Choose a nappy system you feel most comfortable with - for us, a decent AIO is our go - to when out and about, but really just choose the most convenient for you (and the least faffy!).

A top tip would be, prepare prepare prepare - make up your nappies before you go, stuff them, line them, do whatever you need to do - the last thing you want to do when out and about is have to battle with nappy bits. Have them ready to lay out and lay on! 

Taking reusable wipes out and about is actually a lot more simple than you might think. You can either take them dry in their container, and take a small spray bottle / water bottle to 'dampen on the go', or you could just wet them before you pop them in your chosen container. Then, once used, just put them in with the dirty nappies ready to chuck in the wash!  Plus, they work a darn sight better than disposables on sticky fingers / mucky faces / stinging nettle rashes / just about anything! 

If we have taken the car and are going for a walk, or into a nature centre or similar, I tend to leave a couple of nappies behind in the car - it saves you carrying all of them around with you, plus then you know you have one or two there ready for the journey home. 

Using reusables out and about not only reduces our waste, but also starts conversations and gets people thinking - if just one person noticed you using reusables out and about, and went home and researched it a little more - just think of the impact that could have! 


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