Potty Training - the signs your little one is ready PLUS top tips

Many people find cloth bum babies will potty train sooner than babies using disposable nappies.
I've also found this to be the case with all my cloth bummed babies!
Signs your baby is ready to potty train:
Weeing less often (holding their wee longer)
Doing bigger wees (often referred to as flooding)
Looking at you when they are going to the toilet in their nappy 
Telling you they have been to the toilet or that they are going I.e. "wee wee" 
Pulling at nappy
Dislike of having a wet nappy on
Top tips:
Don't rush it because when they are ready it's plain sailing!
Have a potty around the place and go nappy free often, sit baby on potty every now and again to play with toys or read a book. 
Use bed mattress protectors on sofas as they will have little accidents in the first few days. 
When out and about take spare clothing including socks and even shoes because it can involve a whole outfit change! 
Take wet bags with you to store the wet items in - Get your wet bags here.

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