Real Life Cloth Nappy Stories

The cloth nappy journey can be so different from one person to the next, if you have never tried cloth before but are curious to find out more then take a look at these real life cloth nappy stories below from fellow cloth bum mums;
"My name is Nicole and I am a very proud cloth bum Mum :) My background is in Biology and Environmental Science, I have always been passionate about sustainability and the beautiful planet we live on. So I always knew if I was blessed with a baby that I would use reusables. 
Cloth Bum Mum - Nicole
Our little cherub was born in August last year and we all found it rather hilarious that the newborn nappies we had all ready for him were too small!!! I had planned on having at least 8 weeks before moving on to BTP (birth to potty) nappies and motherhood is so overwhelming already that it took me a while to get my head around it all. So for the 1st 6 weeks we did cloth part time. To be honest, I found part-time so overwhelming. Just trying to find enough stuff to go in the washing machine became quite stressful. Never mind trying to work out which washing powder wouldn't ruin all my beautiful nappies, LOL.
I was thus pleasantly surprised that moving into cloth full time actually became so much easier. We found a really great rhythm, I know that the best option is on my baby's bum instead of all those chemicals found in disposables, I love the routine it brings to my day and the fact that I get to look forward to nappy changes - deciding which gorgeous print to use next.
My top tips are to really be prepared to try several brands before settling on what works for you and be brave, go full time and don't give up, it really is much easier and it's worth it!"
"Hello! I’m Alice and I’m one of the team of ambassadors for the fabulous Flaww. I am 34, a midwife and mummy to two very busy boys that are 3 and a half and nearly 2. We have been using cloth nappies for around 3 years, starting when my oldest child was around 9 months old. When he was first born the idea of us using cloth nappies was not on the cards, my sister had used them with both of her children and at the time I thought she was crazy! But as time went on and I saw just how many disposables we were sending to landfill every day I realised something had to change so we decided to give it a go.
Cloth Bum Mum- Alice
I was very lucky to have the guidance from my lovely sister, who gave us some nappies to get started, pointed us in the right direction and off we went. It was around real nappy week at the time so there was lots of support and information around at the time so that helped too. I’ve found that the cloth community is such a helpful and supportive place that if you have a question or a problem you can ask on one of the social media pages and someone will try to help you.
Starting out with cloth nappies can seem really daunting and there is so much to choose from but it doesn’t have to be. There are great support networks like nappy libraries that can help you with hire kits while you are working out what nappies might work for you. But also it doesn’t have to be all or nothing, just using one cloth nappy a day makes a big difference. Some people just use cloth at home, some people just use it in the day, some just use it at night. It’s all completely up to you.
For us, using cloth is a really positive and fulfilling thing to do, both as a parent and for the planet. There have been periods of time where we have had a break from cloth for various reason but I have all ways been excited to get the nappies back out and on the bum again. For anyone considering using cloth I would say GO FOR IT!!"
"I'm Bex also known as @the_wholesome_cumbrian over on Instagram.
I'm mummy to 2 little people, one is 11 months, the other is 2 years 10 months. One of which is potty trained so unfortunately doesn't wear his beautiful cloth nappies anymore 😢
So how did I start down this road? I guess having worked in the outdoors, it made me aware of the damage plastics can do, so I started to look into it more and cut it out where I could.
Cloth Bum Mum Bex
My first eco swap was probably toothpaste, and we've made loads more swaps over the years. The most impacting swap I've made is to use cloth nappies with both our little ones. We used them from almost the beginning with them, they were both quite small so at first they didn't fit well, but we found a way of making it work and now wouldn't have it any other way. We knew from well before they were born that we wanted to go for cloth, it just felt like the right thing, after all it's going to impact the future generations if we don't try to make a change.
We love how easy cloth is, and how lovely it feels looking at them on the washing line instead of throwing single use disposables in the bin.
There is such a variety of cloth nappies now, from Terry's, to AIOs, your bound to find something to suit you, just don't feel tied to one style if it's not working.
I think the thing I try to remember about being eco friendly is it's not about 1 person doing it perfectly, but everyone just giving something a go. So if your thinking about trying cloth, why not just grab a couple and try them out?"
"Hi, my name is Helen and I’m mum to 4 year old Rowan and 1 year old twins Amber and Bran. I’ve been a cloth bum mum for 1 year now. Unfortunately I never got round to using them with my 1st, I think I had too much first time mum stuff to learn and couldn’t find the headspace to fit learning about cloth I top and I hadn’t really understood just how many nappies would be going to landfill. When I was pregnant for the 2nd time I decided to start researching cloth and joining selling groups and Facebook groups for advice. I then found out we were having twins and the thought of that amount of plastic waste was overwhelming.
Cloth Bum Mum of Twins - Helen 
My twins arrived at 34+6 and were very very teeny so it did take a while to fit into any of the nappies I’d already purchased. I wanted to make it as easy as possible for me so went for pocket nappies for ease of use and drying time in my cold house. It was very trial and error from about 3 months when they started fitting into the newborn/size 1 nappies. We had A LOT of leaks which was getting disheartening but we were in lockdown so the changes of clothes didn’t matter too much anyway and we persevered and finally it all clicked.
I love cloth now, we still only do it part time as haven’t delved into night-time nappies just yet. But knowing I’m saving about 200 nappies per month from landfill makes me happy and hopefully I can just improve on that over the years up to potty training.
I keep my routine really really simple as I don’t have enough brain capacity for complicated routines with 3 children, 2 part time jobs and a 2 bedroom house filled with laundry 😂 I wash every 3 days to keep it simple, I use Little Lovebum XL wet bags as they are massive and hold 3 days worth for 2 bums. I use fleece liners now my babies are weaned so it’s so easy to plop any solids into the loo before popping in the wet bag.
Pre-weaning I just chucked it all in the bag. Then on day 3 I do my 40°c pre-wash with a half dose of detergent and some Bambino Mio nappy powder. I do find it easier to take all the inserts out before washing as I was finding some still stuck in the pocket after the prewash – this might just be my machine though. I then do an overnight main wash for 3 hours at 60°c with a full dose of detergent. I then dry on my trusty over the radiator hangers in winter or on the line when the weather is good.
For nice quick changes I have everything stored downstairs and have a tub with 2 days worth of pre-wet reusable wipes by the nappies – I like to “prewet” my wipes to save time but only so 2 days worth to avoid them going musty.
My biggest tip is patience... lots of patience. Don’t be afraid to try different brands, test drying times at home (a big issue for us), test different fits and different types of boosters. You can always sell things that don’t work which as a bonus gives you money back again to buy more nappies 😊"
"I can't really remember how and when I decided to use nappies, it was in that "pre-baby" phase which now feels like a distant memory! I wouldn't say that I was particularly "eco" before my little one came along though. Yes, it was something I was trying to do better but it was probably quite half-hearted. So I wasn't particularly fixed on the idea of using cloth nappies, but I thought that I would quite like to give it a go. The idea of so many disposables being thrown away just made me feel awful.
Cloth Nappy Stack - Mara
I applied to our local council for the cloth nappy trial pack that they offer, which was a couple of nappies and some disposable liners. I received them quite early on but I didn't actually try them out until he was about 4 months old. I had very much taken the approach that I wanted to learn everything there was to know about using them and washing them, that I think I got a bit overwhelmed with it all. I met another new mum for a coffee and her little boy was wearing a cloth nappy, and I think that was what actually spurred me on to finally get them on the bum! I also went to a talk run by my local cloth nappy library, giving me a chance to ask questions (and reaffirm what I'd already read up on), which was helpful.
And so we built up from there. I bought some more from the supermarket and some from online retailers, then ventured into preloved nappies. We built up our stash gradual which helped us get used to them, and spread the cost.
We had a moment around 5-6 months where our little boy's eczema flared up (turns out it was the washing powder) but apart from that, we've gone from strength to strength. Initially, my husband was hesitant and preferred to use disposables as we were getting some leaks from the reusables but we managed to sort that problem by getting some vest extenders and making sure we were changing regularly. When I went back to work, he was the stay at home parent for a month or so, and got used to using the reusables.
We still use a mix of reusables and disposables - he is in childcare 4 days a week, two days with grandparents (who use cloth nappies) and two days at nursery. We could have used cloth nappies for nursery but decided not to, and it works well for us that way. It took us a good while before trying night nappies (almost a year) but it didn't take us long to find something that works - I went with the theory that you can't have too many boosters on a night nappy to start with!!
Using cloth nappies has opened up my eyes to all sorts of eco changes, such as using reusable period products, and shampoo/soap bars. It can take more effort than disposable nappies but I also get enjoyment from seeing a cute print, and from knowing that it's better for the environment overall."
As you can see, everyone approaches cloth nappies differently, often with various reasons as to what motivates them to begin using reusable cloth nappies. The most important thing to remember is that we can only do our best and that there is always help out there for advice and support should you need it.
Feel free to get in touch if you need help with your cloth nappies, or pop a comment below with a question.
What made you start using cloth nappies and how have you found your cloth bum journey so far? Share your stories in the comments - we would love to read all about it.

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