Top Tips On Using Cloth Nappies At Nursery

Written by Natalie @growinglittlerainbows


Using cloth at nursery 

Running up to going back to work, one of the things that I worried about was maintaining using cloth in nursery but I shouldn’t have been, here are a few tips from my own experience and research to try and make it a smooth transition:

  • Talk to your nursery - find out what their previous experiences are, are they open to cloth - if not are they the right fit for you? Do they have any specific requests - my nursery requests that disposable liners are used and though not something I do at home I felt this was a reasonable compromise
  • Pods and wet bags - I use one pod for clean a week and a wet bag per day for all the dirties - some nurseries may request that nappies are ‘doubled bagged’ so you may need a collection of small wet bags 
  • Nappies and boosters - send what nappies work best for you, I’ve found that nursery are more likely to have leaks than we are at home so would suggest using your most reliable nappies and consider extra boosting with bamboo or hemp.
  • Numbers - I would recommend sending in the  amount of nappies you would normally use for the time period + 2 spares 
  • Get organised! - unfortunately it does get harder to juggle, washing, stuffing and packing around work as well - plan what days will work best for your full nappy washes and makes sure you have enough nappies to cover the time between + spares.
  • And relax… it’s a learning process and if it isn’t going quite right don’t hesitate to ask for support 
  • Think about printing out a fit guide and having it laminated so the nursery staff can have it to hand in the baby changing area and it's easily wipeable.

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