Why You Should Ditch Disposable Sanitary Towels

Written by Meg Crossan @barefoot.farming.family

People with Periods

You probably know by now that disposable period products aren’t great for the environment. But did you know:

♻️ They can take more than 500 years to breakdown in landfill.

♻️ They contain multiple sources of plastic including stitched into the product itself (not just wrappers and applicators people).

♻️ They are made using chemicals known to be harmful such as Chlorine (to bleach them whiter than white) and BPA (to turn blood into a gel for increased absorption).

For decades people with periods have been conditioned to hide their menstruation, discretion was the sole aim during our bleeds. Everything from blue liquid on advertisements to artificially perfumed products to mask the natural scent of our periods. Manufacturers capitalised on our learned shame, marketing products to be as small as possible and championing the ease of discarding them immediately. 

But we are stronger now, we are fighting back for our right to be comfortable, to protect our bodies from undisclosed toxic chemicals and to protect the planet from the 4 million disposable tampons and pads flushed down UK loos EVERY DAY. 

Reusable period products are here to stay, Flaww stock a range of cloth pads and wetbags to help you reclaim your period. Use them on their own or in conjunction with a period cup for around the clock uncompromised protection.


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