Your Nappies Leaking?

"Why Is My Cloth Nappy Leaking?" "I Keep Getting Leaks With My Cloth Nappies". - All common questions I hear amongst the cloth nappy community. 

The top offenders;

Fit - is it fitted right? Check individual brand fit guides to help you get the best fit with their nappies.
Elastics sitting where they should? Rise snapped correctly. Are there any leg gaps?
Can you get two fingers in the waist? Too tight and it can cause leaks at the tummy. Click to see Flaww's Fit Guide

Absorbency - is it saturated? Then you'll either need to boost or change their nappy sooner (before max absorbency is reached). Be careful not to over boost as often too much boosting compromises the fit and causes issues with leg gaps.

Compression - are babies clothes too tight? Try a sleepsuit instead of pjs so the waist doesn't risk sitting right on the nappy waist. Pushchair, car seats and baby wearing are all culprits for compression leaks. Sometimes looser clothing is all that is needed. Use vest extenders or size up.

Prep - pre washes. Has the nappy been pre washed enough times from new to build up absorbency? The fibres rub together in the wash and become more porous. As well as removing any oils naturally present in absorbent fibres which would repel liquid straight off. A great test is to slowly pour warm water over the absorbent part of the nappy and if the water runs straight off you'll need more pre washes. If it soaks in it should be good to go.
You can pre wash nappies in with your regular laundry or your nappy wash. And no need to dry between washes.

Time - be realistic with how long cloth nappies will last. Ideally you should be aiming to change babies nappy between 2 to 3 hours but this can be pushed to 4 depending on the babies age and how heavy a wetter they are. Newborn babies should be changed under 2 hours, they usually poop at every feed anyway so this is often sooner than 2 hours especially in those early days.

And above all ask for help. There are always plenty of cloth bum parents out there with plenty of knowledge and experience willing to help with tips and tricks.

Feel free to contact me if you are having problems with your nappies leaking and I can troubleshoot with you.

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