Copy of old page GRADING SYSTEM

The factory seconds we sell are given a second chance, these are categorised using the grades below.


Grade A

These are non faulty products.


Grade B

Fully functional with usually only one of the following minor cosmetic flaws e.g. Uneven stitching, misaligned snap placement, marks or stains which may or may not wash out, additional snap/s or incorrect colour snaps, print imperfections, catches to binding, loose threads, logo flaw or minor size discrepancies.


Grade C

Fully functional with usually only one of the following flaws that you may wish to make a small repair to enhance the longevity of the item e.g. Loose or missed areas of stitching on the binding or nappy insert, holes to inserts or boosters or snap damaged - but still working.


Grade D

Functional with usually only one of the following flaws that require small repairs to get the most out of your item e.g. Exposed elastics, larger areas of stitching faults or snap on insert or cover is missing or damaged.


Bargain Box

Details of individual flaws are listed within the product descriptions. 


Please note where possible our seconds quality items will come with either their internal labels snipped in half or marked with a permanent marker making them easily identifiable as faulty. Items such as boosters and wet bags may have their external brand label cut or marked where there is no care label.

Some of the faults you might find with your items may include but are not limited to the above examples, please take a moment to read through before placing your order.