Once folded, the trifold offers 6 layers of premium bamboo-cotton fleece, offering a soft, yet ultra-absorbent padding.


Use for both day or night they offer the perfect boosting potential for your super-heavy-wetters.  


The trifolds can be used as an additional booster in most pocket nappies or simply laid on top of an AIO for example. Turning your day time nappies into night nappies!


To use with the Bare and Boho nappies you simply fold as per the stitching lines, and use to either snap into the Bare and Boho Shell (these also fit some other shells/pockets with poppers) or they can be snapped directly to the Bare and Boho nappy inserts. 


Drying is quick and easy!

Bare and Boho - Bamboo Trifold 2 Layer

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