Set of 5 reusable bamboo cloth baby wipes backed with printed fabric handmade by the lovely Katie at Fox & Bobbin, Katie is a super talented wahm working from her studio in St Helens.


The reusable cloth baby wipes measure approximately 15x18cm -  which are a great size for babies hands, bums or faces.


These baby wipes are perfect for an easy eco-friendly switch!


Many people prefer to use cloth wipes finding them easier to get a good clean with baby and also needing less wipes per clean.

Easy to wash and dry, these wipes are so handy to have around the home even beyond potty training days. Save money and landfill by swapping disposable wipes for these eco friendly cloth wipes which can be used again and again.

Made with towelling: 90% bamboo, 10% polyester and backed with printed fabric as follows;

Meadow - 100% cotton

Keep It Green - 100% cotton

Foxgloves - 60% linen, 30% cotton, 10% nylon

Maps - cotton polyester mix.


Fox & Bobbin wipes can be stored wet or dry and can be machine washed up to 60 degrees to clean. Washing before first use is recommended, to avoid fibre shedding. Please see suggested storage and laundering instructions below;

Wet storage
For easy use whilst out and about, pour cooled boiled water into a water-tight container. Soak your wipes and squeeze out any excess. Use on the go in place of single use wet wipes. Perfect for little faces and fingers after a meal, or at nappy change time!

Dry storage
Keep in a container or loose and use as you wish with your usual soap and water. Ideal for makeup removal and use as a general facecloth. For makeup removal, rinse and use one wipe as many times as needed.

Once used, rinse off any stains with cold water, and wash with your regular washing. Wash no higher than 60̊C and air dry where possible. Fabric softener does not harm the wipes, but if you’d like to keep absorption and exfoliating properties, avoid using it (it’s personal choice!). Bamboo does not like heat, and will bald if tumble dried or dried in direct heat repeatedly. Wipes may lose some shape definition in the wash. Please do not iron; simply pull back into shape whilst damp and hang to dry.


Fox & Bobbin Cloth Baby Wipes Bamboo - Set of 5

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