Hanabee Beeswax Wraps are an earth-friendly and beautiful alternative to cling film. Sold in sets of 4 in different sizes.


Handmade Each HanaBee wrap is lovingly handmade by Miki in her home in Hampshire, UK. 

Natural HanaBee wraps are made of 100% cotton (all the fabrics are made in Japan), locally UK sourced beeswax, organic jojoba oil and pine resin. The perfect combination of these ingredients makes the wraps strong, water resistant, moldable, foldable, and reusable. They can be used for up to 6-12 months. (The tackiness of the wraps will eventually wear out but they are still useful for wrapping food. There are DIY kits available on the market to refresh your wraps if you want to revive them.)

Easy It is super easy to use HanaBee wraps. Simply cover a bowl or food with a wrap and use the warmth of your hand to seal it. After use, you can hand wash with (soapy) cold water and leave them to dry. 

Useful & fun HanaBee wraps are perfect for covering a bowl, wrapping sandwiches, snacks, cheese, vegetables, fruits, bread, fresh herbs and baked goods. The wraps can be folded into pouches and boxes, so your origami skills will come in handy! They are perfect for a picnic lunch as they can be used as a table mat as well. There are a variety of easy ways to wrap and fold. 

Beautiful HanaBee, believe beauty is important and can be a ray of sunshine in your day! The fabrics are made in Japan and are carefully selected. The beautiful patterns will light up your kitchen and meal times, whether you are at home or having a picnic in the sun! 



  • Mini: 5.9" x 5.9"(15 x 15cm): Useful for covering a jug or jar, and wrapping small vegetables and fruits like avocado, lemon and ginger.
  • Small: 7.8" x 7.8"(20 x 20cm): Great for wrapping some herbs, covering a small bowl, wrapping biscuits, and storing small snacks.
  • Medium: 9.8"x 9.8"(25 x 25cm): Perfect for wrapping cheese, covering a medium bowl and making a larger snack pouch.
  • Large: 12.9" x 12.9"(33 x 33cm): Great for Wrapping a sandwich, half-eaten bread and making salad bags.


 Dos & Don'ts



  • DO wrap vegetables, fruits, cheeses, breads, sandwiches and other baked goods.
  • DO hand wash in (soapy) cold water after use.
  • DO leave the wraps to air dry after washing.
  • DO store your wraps in a cool place. Keep away from fire and direct sun. You can store the wraps any way you like depending on your space. However, we find rolling up the wraps is best. Once rolled, you can store in a jar (and show them off!) or put them in a drawer.
  • DO use the wraps in the freezer for up to a month.



  • DON'T wash in warm or hot water. Also don't use in the microwave or oven. This will melt the beeswax.
  • DON'T wash in the dishwasher or washing machine as it will damage the wraps.
  • DON'T wrap fish or raw meat as you can only cold wash the wraps. Also avoid directly wrapping pineapples. For all these foods, we recommend putting them in a bowl and covering with the wraps.
  • DON'T leave the wrap in water to soak.
  • DON'T wrap anything that is hot. Beeswax wraps are perfect for covering a casserole dish or other leftovers but make sure the containers you are covering have completely cooled down.

HanaBee Beeswax Wraps Set Of 4

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