Lighthouse Kids SUPREME™️ AIO is a bigger AIO designed for toddlers and bigger babies. 


Simply flip the attached bamboo insert to choose from stay-dry fabric or wet bamboo for potty training - it's your choice! 



  • Lined with hypoallergenic athletic wicking jersey to keep baby cool and dry

  • Attached fold out insert made up of 3 layers of Bamboo - giving 6 layers in total once folded in half.

  • Choose from either stay dry or wet bamboo against baby - choose wet side if nearing potty training.
  • Excellent quality TPU giving a super soft stretchy nappy
  • Quicker drying time as the insert opens up flat to dry.
  • All-In-One - nothing to put together
  • Adjustable rise and waist snaps, hip snap to prevent wings drooping.
  • Perfect for night-time use, able to absorb wetness for 12 hours with no leaks.
  • One-Size nappy fits babies 15-55 lbs.

Lighthouse Kids Company - Supreme AIO

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