Mrs Sparkle's Natural Toilet Cleaner is the perfect solution for leaving your toilet clean, shiny and smelling fresh.


  • Super concentrated formula - 20 uses
  • Natural ingredients
  • Plastic free and zero waste


By using the recommended amount once a week, this refill will last over 4 months so is great value!

​Simply add the formula to 500ml of water in a reusable bottle then use 25ml of the mixture each time.


Mrs Sparkle's Natural Toilet Cleaner uses the powerful sanitising properties of nature to give your toilet an intensive clean.  The small blend of natural minerals produce excellent descaling results and we have carefully selected the premium pure essential oils for their natural antibacterial, antiviral and antimicrobial properties while leaving a long lasting and refreshing scent.


All of our products are made with pure essential oils and other natural ingredients meaning no synthetic chemicals releasing toxins within your home or being passed into the drainage and water system.

Natural Toilet Cleaner - Super Concentrated - Mrs Sparkle's



    Do not ingest, keep out of reach of children and pets, keep away from eyes - rinse thoroughly if contact occurs, if irritation occurs discontinue use.

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