Petite Crown Trima are available in a range of beautiful prints, brights or subtle block colours to suit everyone.


  • Trima comes with two removable snap-on inserts, each made of 2 layers of bamboo cotton fabric and 2 layers of hemp cotton fabric 
  • Lined with buttery soft bamboo cotton that provides an additional layer of absorbency 
  • Features the tummy panel at the front for the extra leak protection
  • Adjustable rise snaps for three different size settings


Snap the inserts on top or simply pop into the pocket of the nappy creating a pocket style nappy. Additionally, you can boost the AI2 by adding your own inserts / boosters into the pocket once you have snapped the Petite Crown inserts on top.


Designed to fit babies from 8 lbs to 35 lbs (3.6 kgs to 16 kgs)

Petite Crown - Trima Nappy

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