Set of 2 Biodegradable Cleaning Pads - Handmade by Scrubbies


These 100% plant based vegan sponges are zero plastic and a perfect eco-friendly swap for your kitchen and home.

To be used in replace of your traditional foam sponges, they are great for cleaning up spills, wiping away messes and washing the dishes.


Each pad will last approx from 3 months to 12 months. 


100% Cotton

100% Organic Cotton Thread

Naturally Antibacterial Bamboo Lining

Durable Hessian Base


Wash at 40'C max

Compost Disposal


Made with love by wahm Kerry from her home in North Wales where she has produced and sold over 40k of scrubbies all over the UK and across Europe.


The fabric used on these scrubbies was purchased from a local market in Senegal and Scrubbies are donating 60% of the sale proceeds to charity. Here is some more information on this great cause by the owner herself;


"The project I am supporting is part of a greater goal to plant 1 million trees in a green belt across the Sahel region of Africa. My partner, Charles Ambrose, has spent several months in Senegal planting trees and is now waiting for the official documentation for the 1,000 acres of land he's been granted to set up a permaculture project in the region. The Sahel is an area across Africa where lush green lands are being subjected to desertification and turning into barren desert due to the fastest growing temperatures anywhere on earth. Planting trees is a good step forward but with long-term goals and few immediate gains for the local populations who rely on agriculture to eat and make a living. Permaculture farms dotted along the great green wall would bring much faster results whilst creating employment and food for local inhabitants. There is now a need to raise funding so that building materials, seeds and livestock (for compost nutrients and milk - not meat) can be purchased early next year when Charles returns to Senegal. This is why i'm creating these African sets of Scrubbies, the fabric for which was purchased at the local market in Senegal."


*Photo's are for illustration purposes only, the final look of the product will vary depending on print placement*

Scrubbies - Eco Cleaning Pads. Set of 2

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