Natural Scouring Powder - Citrus Burst 200g

Natural Scouring Powder - Citrus Burst 200g

Mrs Sparkle's Natural Cleaning Products
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Mrs Sparkle's Natural Scouring Powder is designed for the toughest jobs around the home.
Simply sprinkle the all natural powder where needed, spray with water and rub with a reusable cloth to ensure amazing results every time with no harsh chemicals and zero waste. Whether it be sinks, bathtubs, taps, ovens or hobs this powder will bring the best back to any part of the house and leave an amazing fresh aroma and no hidden nasties.

This all natural powder and essential oil mixture smells great and is superb for even the toughest household chores.  The natural reaction when liquid is added to the formula provides extra power when needed and still completely synthetic chemical free.

Store in a cool dry place. 

​​​All of our products are made with pure essential oils and other natural ingredients meaning no synthetic chemicals releasing toxins within your home or being passed into the drainage and water system
All of our handmade products are vegan, organic where possible and cruelty free.
With over 11 years domestic cleaning experience; Mrs Sparkle identified a need for natural and eco friendly products at an affordable price for all. Over the last 2 years Nicky and her husband Jay have been lovingly producing these products from their home in Kidderminster.