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Newborn Trifold

Newborn Trifold

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Seconds - 2nds

Fully functional with usually only one of the following minor cosmetic flaws.

Stitching: loose or missed 

Snaps: misaligned, additional, or incorrect colour

Marks: may or may not wash out

Snags: on binding or inserts

Size: small sizing discrepancies

Holes: small holes on inserts 

Print imperfections

Bargain Box - BB

Small repairs are needed to get the most of your item and may include:

Poppers: weak or broken

Stitches: unravelled or missed

May contain flaws mentioned in Grade B 

Bamboo Cotton Trifold - Fits from Birth

Our bamboo cotton newborn trifold is made from two layers of premium absorbent bamboo cotton. When folded it offers 6 layers of absorbency. Shorter in length than standard inserts, this trifold is designed to be used from birth, snapped into a Newborn Nappy Wrap or The Econo One Size Cover or inside a Pokkit Nappy.

The trifold is designed to grow with your baby. Fold along the seams to use with a newborn; as your baby grows, fold in the opposite direction to use as a standard insert with one size nappies. 

Composition: 80% Bamboo 20% Cotton


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