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Newborn Wrap

Newborn Wrap

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Seconds - 2nds

Fully functional with usually only one of the following minor cosmetic flaws.

Stitching: loose or missed 

Snaps: misaligned, additional, or incorrect colour

Marks: may or may not wash out

Snags: on binding or inserts

Size: small sizing discrepancies

Holes: small holes on inserts 

Print imperfections

Bargain Box - BB

Small repairs are needed to get the most of your item and may include:

Poppers: weak or broken

Stitches: unravelled or missed

May contain flaws mentioned in Grade B 

Our newborn nappy wraps are designed for those early days, when babies are still too small for their one size nappies. Lasting from around 6lb to 18lb (newborn to around 4 months- depending on the size of your baby); at which point your baby will be fitting nicely into their one size nappies. 

Most inserts can be used with a nappy wrap, even one size inserts; simply fold to make them smaller. Lay the insert inside the wrap and secure the nappy in place, slide your finger between the leg gusset and babys skin, to ensure there is no gap and that it is not tight. A newborn may only need one insert to begin with; you may boost with additional absorbency as your baby grows. This wrap may also be used with fitted and flat nappies.

ADJUSTABLE- Rise snaps, and waist snaps mean that you can get the perfect fit for your baby from around 5lb to 13lb.

DOUBLE GUSSET- Helps to get the perfect fit and prevent leaks. 

DOUBLE LAYER PUL- Leak proof and easier to wipe clean between nappy changes!

SNAP IN- Snaps inside the cover, to use with snap in inserts if desired.

TUMMY ELASTIC- Dips to create room for the umbilical cord and prevents gaping at the stomach.

This listing is for a wrap only, absorbency must be added according to your baby's needs.

Why not try the Fiyyah Newborn Trifolds which will fit perfectly in these wraps and double up as a booster beyond newborn stage?

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