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Stay Dry Supersized Bamboo Booster

Stay Dry Supersized Bamboo Booster

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Seconds - 2nds

Fully functional with usually only one of the following minor cosmetic flaws.

Stitching: loose or missed 

Snaps: misaligned, additional, or incorrect colour

Marks: may or may not wash out

Snags: on binding or inserts

Size: small sizing discrepancies

Holes: small holes on inserts 

Print imperfections

Bargain Box - BB

Small repairs are needed to get the most of your item and may include:

Poppers: weak or broken

Stitches: unravelled or missed

May contain flaws mentioned in Grade B 

This shaped bamboo insert is made to fit your Econo Cover, but is also perfect for adding extra absorbency to any nappy. Three layers of absorbent bamboo, combined with the shaped design means you get plenty of absorbency in a slim insert. The fleece top creates the perfect stay dry layer for your baby. 

Made of three layers of bamboo with one layer of stay dry fleece. Sold individually. Size 31x20cm (at the widest part of the insert)

Note: Our bamboo inserts are made from natural bamboo fibres, and hence their natural oils can repel water, affecting the absorbency in the first few uses. It can take up to 10 washes before they reach maximum absorbency. Then you will really appreciate their magic.

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