XL Hanging Wet Bag - Grade B

XL Hanging Wet Bag - Grade B

Little Lovebum
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This Grade B product is perfectly imperfect, please click here for examples of imperfections. 

Large hanging wet/dry bags are an alternative to nappy buckets.

They hold approximately 20 nappies.

Can be hung from a door handle/hook saving floor space.

Contains two pouches; one for wet and one for dry items.

Keeps moisture and odours in.

Reusable to avoid the use of one use plastics.

Great for storing nappies when on holiday.

Once your cloth nappy days are over these can be reused as laundry bags for clothing, simply hang on the back of bedroom doors and easily fill with dirty washing (too easily for our liking if you catch our drift haha!)

Size: 38x68cm