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XL Wetbag

XL Wetbag

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Seconds - 2nds

Fully functional with usually only one of the following minor cosmetic flaws.

Stitching: loose or missed 

Snaps: misaligned, additional, or incorrect colour

Marks: may or may not wash out

Snags: on binding or inserts

Size: small sizing discrepancies

Holes: small holes on inserts 

Print imperfections

Bargain Box - BB

Small repairs are needed to get the most of your item and may include:

Poppers: weak or broken

Stitches: unravelled or missed

May contain flaws mentioned in Grade B 

An extra large wet bag, made to squeeze in around 15 nappies. This wet bag can be used to store dirty nappies, or even your dirty clothes. On wash day simply turn the contents out into the washing machine and throw the wet bag in too. Blends seamlessly into your home decor.

This wet bag also doubles as my nappy suitcase on a weekend trip!

Our wet bags are made from the same fabric as our nappies, perfect for keeping wetness in, but oversaturated and they will begin to leak, just like a nappy. These are perfect for dirty nappies and damp wipes, but nothing soaking wet. 

Approximately 45x70cm

Care: Wash with your usual nappy laundry up to 40C. Do not tumble dry, or dry on heaters, in order to protect waterproofing. Straps are designed to allow for ease of transportation only, and not for long term hanging

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